Hey there! I'm Lena.

While my friends know me as a comedy junkie / makeup hoarder / Thai food connoisseur, I'm also a Business & Marketing Coach for ambitious business owners committed to skyrocketing their income, influence and impact. Thanks for stopping by my site.

But before I tell you anything about who I am, I need to tell you how I think.

So, we'll just jump right into it. 

You have been lied to your whole life. You've been lied to by your parents. Your teachers. Your friends. Your landlord. Even your creepy mailman Bill. But the thing is, we can't really blame them. They didn't lead you astray on purpose, because they themselves were raised with the same belief. That belief is this: What's right in front of you is reality, and reality is what dictates your life.

Here's what I mean.

"My bank account says I'm broke, therefore I can't afford anything."
"My BMI is a little high, therefore I'm not attractive."
"My diploma says Bachelor of Arts in History, therefore I'm skill-less."

It took me a long time to realize that literally anything is possible (especially in business) if you simply choose to look outside of the box, stretch your beliefs, and become hell-bent on getting your result.

I can not tell you how many people come to me saying that they can not do what they truly want in their lives because they're flat broke! But I can pretty much guarantee you that if I were chasing you down the street swinging a sock full of serving utensils over my head telling you that you had to suddenly come up with $5K by tomorrow, you'd make it happen.

You'd sell your car. You'd cancel your summer vacation plans. You'd take out a loan. You'd turn to a trusted relative who could help you out. There's always a way to make it work.

But most people get stuck at "there's no way in hell" so that they don't have to take responsibly and make the less-than-comfortable choices necessary to grow. Essentially, what you can and cannot afford is all in your head.

Remember this and consider it your new super power. It will set you free.

My obsession with this self-inflicted No Excuses policy is what pushed me to achieve a life that I certainly never thought I could. Here's the cliff notes version of what this looked like:

🎓 When I was 22 in 2014, I was a broke college grad living in an immigrant absorption center and scrubbing the floors of a grocery store.

💻 I then quit that job, and by 23, I was working as the Marketing Manager at a local non-profit. (No, I had no marketing experience, but I was a "young millennial who knew how to use Facebook" and that was enough for them.)

📝 Mid-23, I quit (again) and became an "apprentice" for a marketing consultant in Tel Aviv.

💃 Two months later, I quit and started my own marketing agency.

💸 Within three months of that, I had tripled my income and was making more money than most 40-something professionals I knew.

🔑 A year later, a lot of friends started coming to me asking "I also want to quit my shitty job and start my own business. How did you do it?"

🔥 And that's when I began coaching.

🏆 Today, at age 26, I run a seven-figure coaching business, an amazing team, speak around the world, and am seen as a go-to influencer in the online marketing space.

(In fact, last week I was listed on the Top Marketers To Look Follow in 2018 list, next to freakin' Neil Patel and Grant Cardone. #honored)

While this is the cliff notes version, I share it with you to debunk a huge myth that everyone has seemed to buy into:

That it takes FOREVER to "make it". And because of this seemingly eternal journey, people tend to tell themselves that there's no rush, no pressure, and no need to actually move. Have you ever self-sabotaged like this before? Admit it! Ok, here's the real deal.

If you wanted to build a successful business during pretty much any other time in history, you would have been shit out of luck.

You would have needed tons of money to buy a storefront, lots of manpower, the resources to buy supplies, and probably a horse to help drag your crap around town. But not today. Today, thanks to my best friend the Internet, you can pay $20 in Facebook Ads and suddenly be seen by thousands of people who are exactly who you're trying to sell to. You can open a dropshipping Shopify store and 10x your income without having to pre-purchase any merchandise. You can share your story on a podcast with someone halfway around the world and touch the lives of millions. You can host a Facebook group and sell to your members every damn day.

We're literally living in fairyland. 

And it can all be yours in much less time than you think. (In fact, you're probably closer than you think right now.) Before we move on, here are some super important things that you should know about me if you're thinking of working with me:

1. I'm all about helping millennials achieve true entrepreneurial bliss and major financial success, BUT I am not the person you want to talk to about any sort of full-time job advice. Why? Because I'm a terrible employee and avoid full-time jobs like the plague. BUT if you want to talk about building or growing your own business, freelancing, being a digital nomad, or anything else that will enable you to be you own boss, I'm 100% here to help you. Book a call with me to see what that would look like.

2. I only work with three types of entrepreneurs: coaches, consultants, and service providers. Why? Because that's what I've mastered in my own businesses and I'd never want to teach you anything that I haven't crushed it at myself. To be get more specific, I'm talking about coaching, consulting, writing, coding, designing, ads managing, accounting, marketing, tap dancing, fly fishing, circus performing, whatever - basically, any skill that you offer to other people / companies. So, if you have an app you're looking to market or have a great idea for a vegan bakery, I'm not the person to talk to.

3. I'm not one of these business coaches who's going give you cookie cutter advice with a polite smile and send you daily affirmations like "Get it, girl!". Why? Because those coaches don't produce results. I'm the coach who will really listen to you, creates custom strategies designed to your goals, helps you get through the very real challenges that early stage entrepreneurs face, and be there for you every single step of the way until you achieve the results you're looking for. In my programs, we get deep into digital marketing, branding, sales funnels, web design, copy + content marketing, advertising, and everything else you need to launch and scale a 6-figure business in just a few months (no matter where you are right now!). Basically, I'm there to be your cheerleader, your business strategist, your success coach, and your friend all rolled into one big ball of fun.

If you're ready to start scaling your own business and living a life of real financial freedom, let's talk about how we can make it happen together.

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