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Your Coaching Questions Answered

August 2, 2018



1. What is a business coach?
The simplest definition of a business coach is an expert who steps into your business and helps strategize, establish, and optimize it to see exponential growth and reach your goals at an accelerated rate.

Of course, all business coaches have different focuses and styles within their programs. For us, our bread and butter is:

Helping you gain 100% clarity on your target market and perfecting your branding so that it naturally attracts those prospects on a daily basis

Analyzing your core offers and optimizing them to become truly irresistible

Multiplying the size of your email list and audience size so that you can engage and sell with ease

Mastering the art of Ethical Selling so that you can convert prospects into sales weekly without feeling the need to hide in a Dumpster of Shame afterward

Developing an unshakable Money Mindset so that you can step into your true genius and become the leader you were born to be

Again, all business coaches have different styles, but ours is pretty much a product of my personality: high-energy, supportive, fun, strategic, no-BS, and VERY get-shit-done. No fluff, no confusion, no overwhelm. Just step-by-step action and guidance every step of the way (with some take-out Thai food thrown in there as well).

2. When is the right time to hire a coach?
Love this Q. I get a lot of early-stage entrepreneurs coming to me saying “I want to get a few clients under my belt first before hiring a coach…”

Or “I want to be making more money first…”

Or “I want to try to make it work first before seeking outside help…”

Or “I’m going to wait till things are more stable…”

Which leads to…”So when is the right time to hire a coach?”


If you’re following the idea that most of us were raised to believe our whole lives – that you have to work your ass off and really “struggle” before seeing results…

Then yes, it does seem to make sense to “put in the work” before hiring an outside expert.

This extremely fucked up idea applies to all areas of our lives…

You have to work under a shitty boss for 2 years before being up for that promotion…

You have to turn in homework assignments for 13 years straight before ever being eligible for college…

You have to save and budget every single week for months before ever being able to buy a Ford Pinto…

Basically, it’s the subconscious idea that you have to STRUGGLE ON YOUR OWN before ever “deserving” real support, happiness, and success.

This train of thought is how people lose.

I don’t know about you, but I hate struggling. I hate feeling alone. I hate not knowing what to do next. I hate feeling like I’m “guessing” or just shooting in the dark. I hate feeling overwhelmed. And I sure as shit hate feeling like I have no idea when all of this stuff I’m doing is actually going to pay off.

That’s why, when I was 23, I hired my first business coach months before I ever signed my first high-paying client.

Yup, that’s right.

I had made zero dollars in my coaching business, I didn’t have a brand, and I didn’t have any prospects.

But I still went to the bank, took out a loan for $10K, and confidently signed up for the program.


Because I didn’t want to wait to see results.

I didn’t want to put my time or energy into a strategy that I essentially invented (what the hell did I know about signing coaching clients?!)

I didn’t want to feel like I was working my ass off but I was still broke.

Instead, I gained some clarity on a few things.

It became clear that I loved myself enough to do whatever it took to manifest my Perfect Life. And I wouldn’t let myself suffer in the process unnecessarily.

I realized that all of these other brilliant coaches were around me achieving their goals — $30K revenue months, fully booked coaching programs, international speaking opportunities, etc – and I wasn’t going to let anything (especially myself!) get in the way of it. I was hungry.

So, I hired the coach. I made back the investment of that coach within about 5 months of starting the program. That choice put me “ahead of the game” and gave me the momentum, skill set and brand to reach my goals and keep scaling in a fraction of the time it would have taken me on my own.

So, the answer to the question is: If you’re hungry for your goals, are tired of suffering for the sake of suffering, and are just plain sick of feeling broke (emotionally broke and financially broke), it’s time to hire a coach. No excuses. This is the key to your Perfect Life.

3. What goes on in a business coaching program?
Every single coaching program looks different and I can’t speak to all, but I can pull back the curtain and give you insight into my programs.

With us, you are assigned to a main LEC coach who guides you through the program (it could be me or another coach. Of course, if you want to work with me specifically, we arrange that).

When you join our program, you and I hop on a call so that I can learn more about you, your business, and your goals. From there, we create a custom roadmap for you that will help you reach your objectives over the course of the program.

Every other week, you sit down with your coach for one hour over Zoom and dive deep into that week’s Module Focus. For example, some weeks might be on mastering your sales process, funnel building, webinar design, mindset optimization, or content marketing that converts. Everything is systematically stacked on top of each other to create an unshakable and scalable structure for your business.

In between coaching calls, a few things are happening simultaneously:

You’re working on your Module Homework and implementing every step you’ve been coached on through that week

You’re speaking with your coach and the LEC team to receive support, get questions answered, and ask for advice

You’re communicating and learning in the LEC Mastermind Group, which is a private community for all of our clients that you have lifetime access to when you join the program

You’re participating in our bi-monthly open Q & A group calls with me and all LEC members (lifetime access)

You’re digesting the weekly private video trainings that I provide for all members (lifetime access)

You’re going through course material (when you join, you have lifetime access to all of our digital courses)

Here’s the basic breakdown of the structure:

The coaching program is 6 months long

You have every-other-week calls with your coach

You have unlimited online support from the LEC team

You have lifetime access to our courses and private group with group calls

4. What kinds of results can you expect from a coaching program?
Here’s what it comes down to: Where the hell did you start?

It’s bizarre to me when people join our program with a profit-less business and ask if hey can be making 7 figures by the end of the 6 months.

Instead, what we help our clients do is set realistic yet powerful goals.

For example, for that same person who came in making $0, it’s realistic for them to make $10K +/month by the time they leave.

For others who come in already making $15K a month, we’ve seen them hit $80K months by the end.

For others, money is not their sole goal, but instead hosting live events, getting featured on Forbes, speaking on international stages, or building a team.

If you want to get a tangible idea of what our clients produce in their businesses from this program, head here.

Alright friends, that’s all I’ve got for you today.

If you have more questions, send them to me directly:

Talk soon!



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