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How To Respond To “I Can’t Afford It” From Prospects

July 8, 2018


You know that moment when someone books a call with you to learn more about your offer…

And everything in their application looks perfect – they’re struggling with the exact problem you can help solve, they seem motivated to change, their website is awesome…

And then they somehow manage to slip in the dreaded words: “The problem is that, I’m completely broke and maxed out and I can’t afford to invest in myself right now”?

This leads any entrepreneur to go from “HELL YEAH, LET’S DO THIS!” to “WTF, this call is going to be a complete waste of my time.”

The next move that you might make here is to…

a) cancel the call or

b) go into the call with a negative attitude and an assumption that the conversation will go nowhere.

This is a massive mistake.
When a prospect communicates their lack of funds, it does not necessarily mean they won’t work with you.

What it really means is:
Deep down they don’t think that they’re worth the money or time it’ll take to get results (self-esteem problem)

They’re fearful that if they join your program, they’ll fail or embarrass themselves in front of their loved ones (a judgment problem)

They’re trapped in a limited mindset about the funds that are available to them (a scarcity problem)
But if you can tap into those fears through ethnical, honest conversation and show that achieving their goal is 10 times more powerful than those limiting beliefs, then they will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

At the end of the day, the money is always available if the prospect believes the result is truly priceless.

It doesn’t come down to someone’s cashflow, but a belief.

When I decided to work with my first coach in 2015, I was the definition of “completely maxed out and can barely afford to buy a popsicle, let alone a $10K coaching problem.”

But after the coach was able to walk me through my fears and limitations, and debunk some of the deeper concerns I had about investing in myself, I saw how easy it was to a) get the money to make it work and b) join the program with complete confidence. Since being in that program, I’ve 100X’d my investment and then some.

This is exactly what we teach to our LEC Members how to do, and the results have been phenomenal (even when they’re terrified of sales, feel that they “don’t have enough experience to charge high-ticket”, and “can’t seem to attract the right customers who can afford them”.)

In fact, just in the past week, our members have…
1) Signed an $8000 client in full (after the prospect had told her she was in the middle of buying a house and didn’t have any extra funds)

2) Landed a TedX audition (she started her business 4 months ago!)

3) Sold out their international retreat by 50% (she started her business 2 months ago!)

This can be you in just a few months. And there has never been a better time to do it.

With The Summer Growth Series going on, we decided to offer a special Summer Package with $8500 in FREE BONUSES to celebrate the jaw-dropping results members are getting. And it’s only open this week.

Here’s what our program is all about:

90-Day Success Accelerator is a signature 1:1 coaching program designed by me and my team of expert business & marketing strategists. Committed to helping coaches, consultants & service providers significantly grow their businesses online, this program guides you through the exact behind-the-scenes strategies, systems, tools, and support you need to accelerate your timeline and achieve your goals faster.


Instant access to our private Facebook group for clients, The LEC Mastermind ($1000/mo Value)
Lifetime access to all of our digital courses ($2000 Value)
One-Hour Coaching Session with me ($2000 Value)
Bi-monthly Group Calls with everyone in the program ($3000 Value)
Automatic $500 off the cost of the program
That’s an extra $8,500 worth of value for free when you enroll this week.

So, what are you waiting for?

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