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No More Mr. Nice Guy

March 24, 2018


I need to tell you something. It’s my duty as your coach.

You are too polite.

You are too afraid to shake things up.

You don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

You don’t want people to question your sanity or character.

It’s easier to just be agreeable, brush all untapped potential under the rug, and go about your business with a smile on your face.

I get it. That used to be me.

But if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Accelerated, transformational results come from larger-than-life action.Not hiding, not wishing, not waiting.

So, rise above the noise. Dare to think and act radically. Launch 10 steps ahead of the competition by having the audacity to communicate and own what you need instead of politely accepting what the world offers.

Do not wait for others’ permission. They will not give it to you. It is your responsibility to push yourself out of your comfort zone, take massive and scary action, and witness the change take place.

Here’s to ditching the Mr. Nice Guy act and unapologetically pursuing what we actually need to win. Ready?

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