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The Top 2018 Travel Adventures For Every Single Millennial

January 8, 2018


You should be grateful that I already planned out your year for you.

2017 was a massive year in terms of millennial travel and the beginning of a new era of digital nomads. I travel for my soul, for the adventure, and for the endless stories that I’ll be able to tell afterwards. Here are some of the best travel destinations for people who are looking for just that and a little extra. I got your back with some stunning spots with great views to help you relax, refuel, and that offer you endless amounts of places to get your work done from.

1. Helsinki, Finland
As we all know, Iceland is THE shit. You’ve got your hot springs, beautiful women, and some GOT fire and ice vibes, but everyone’s been there and now Helsinki is the place to be. There are so many things to do in Helsinki, whether it be the museums, the design district, or a day trip to one of the few small towns in the area, a weekend just won’t be enough.

Relaxation Vacation @loylyhelsinki

Founded by actor Jasper Pääkkönen, who plays Halfdan on the History Channel’s TV series Vikings, Löyly is a high class take on the traditional Finnish sauna experience. The sauna relaxation rooms are designed with classic Scandinavian minimalist architecture in mind and are truly divine and luxurious.

Culture Trip @thefinnishmuseumofphotography @detailsofhelsinki

Helsinki is home to some of the most well designed museums in the world and it would be a shame not to visit at least one of them. The Finnish Museum of Photography has a mind boggling amount of photography made my Fins from all ages and backgrounds.

Cool Kids #kallioblockparty

Kallio is the hip bohemian hub of Finland for all who are into craft beer, vintage shops, summer time park sits, or even just window shopping. Try and go at the end of August and you might be able to catch the biggest block party in the neighborhood.

2. Baden Baden, Germany
Forget the classic image of beer bellied Germans bathing in public hot bath water, Baden Baden is the hot spring spa center for chic German and international millennials. The city is small but mighty, fostering a full casino, boxing gym, extravagant hotels, and its own airport. In the spring and summer the local river that runs through the town brings great bird watching and a perfect atmosphere to sit at a waterside bar and try their local beer. Check out the city’s instagram page for some travel inspiration

Caffeinate Yourself Fb: Café König

Take a break at the famous Kaffee König which has the most heavenly pastries and indulgent cakes you’re ever seen. You’ll recognize the shop by the minimalistic sign, sweet French patisserie look, and line out the door!

Soak Your Bones 📍Caracalla Therme

There’s no better place to poolside lounge than at the Caracalla Spa. They have outdoor pools, saunas, and are even clothing optional! If you’re into a truly nakey experience then head to the Friedrichsbad baths for a quiet soak in your birthday suit underneath 19th century architecture with an addition of a body scrub down and lotion.

Santa Claus Love @citybadenbaden #christmasmarket

The traditional Baden Baden Christmas Market only is open from November until the end of December but if you’re into Christmas cheer this place will help you celebrate your holiday love all year round. Sip warm mulled cider while you buy literally everything Christmas related that has ever existed for the creepy Santa shrine in your basement (because I know it’s not just me).

3. Tel Aviv, Israel
I’m partial to Tel Aviv because I live in Israel and I love a good weekend of sunshine-y Friday afternoon drinking among some of the most beautiful people you’ve ever seen in your life, but I think it’s an objective fact that this Mediterranean hotspot is high up on everyone’s travel list. You want it? TLV has it: Sick night clubs, a stunning beach that’s always a walk away, great bars, even better eateries, and great tanning weather! You can rent a tel-o-fun bike on almost every street corner or check out the city by foot, but what’s for sure is that you won’t be disappointed.

Vegans Unite Fb: Anastasia אנסטסיה

Cafe Anastasia has the whole “outdoor-succulent filled-LA-vegan” thing going on and it’s food is seriously good! Aside from normal table seating there’s a floor pillow area and a great laptop counter work space, so come hungry and ready to potentially wait in line for a good spot.

Photo Worthy Spots #nevetzedek

You must visit the gorgeous Neve Tzedek with its cream washed buildings and low overhanging bougainvillea. The streets are lined with quaint boutiques, small art stores, and the occasional street musician. Just rethink wearing heels because you might find it hard to walk on some of the quaint cobblestone streets.

Drink Up @bellboycocktails

Grab a happy hour drink at The Bellboy but come dressed the part. They’ve got serious a speakeasy vibe going on with their intimate bar space and cocktails served in things like palm sized bathtubs or with a smoking pinecone on the side.

4. Havana, Cuba
*cue “Havana Social Club” in the background*

We’ve all seen those stunning instagram shots of beautiful woman in bright clothes casually leaning on vibrant 50’s cars, but what you don’t see are the crowds of salsa dancers on the street, graffiti artists tagging every corner, and hipsters galore.

Eat Me #eldelfrente

The lobster tacos at El Del Frente are a must! The restaurant has a menu of Carribean/Cuban seafood fusion, as well as great staff and mango mojitos to die for so come The entrance is somewhat hard to find but once you climb up the small staircase you’ll feel right at home at hands down one of the best restaurants in Havana.

Booty Shakin #callejondehamel

Callejon de Hamel is the afro-cuban hub and neighborhood in Havana that has street performers, live rumba music, and loads of dancing. Salvador Gonzáles, a local artist, covered every wall in the neighborhood with either shells, graffiti, paintings, or glitter, which makes it a prime photo stop. The music starts every Sunday at around noon and the dancing is infectious! When I went there it a local man even said to me “Mami, you shake your booty like a Cuban”!

Get Tatted @lamarcabodyart

Check out this ground breaking social movement hub filled with artists, revolutionaries, and some of the coolest people you’ve ever met. Not only do they tattoo but they hold concerts, art shows, and will take you out for a drink if you’re cool enough to kick it. You can follow them on instagram.

5. Halong Bay, Vietnam
Fancy a cruise among massive water locked rock formations? Kayaking and SUPing in some of the most beautiful jade waters you’ve ever seen? If that speaks to you then Halong Bay, a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the place because it’s cheap, accessible, and only now starting to get popular so get your butts over there ASAP!

Off The Beaten Path #hospitalcave

On the Island of Cat Ba there is a “Hospital Cave”, Hang Quan Y, from the time of the Vietnam war, that has a hospital built into it which now houses an eerie museum with dimmed lighting and great acoustics. Definitely worth the day trip into the Vietnamese nature…if you’re willing to be totally creeped out by the ghostly creeks in the cave…

I’m On A Boat #halongbaycruise

A multitude of small local cruise ships do outdoor activity day trips, booze cruises, or just sail around and anchor themselves on private beaches for tanning. There are also luxury cruise ships that go above and beyond for their customers and give you one hell of a trip to remember with experiences like private beach BBQs, champagne at sunset, and breathtaking views that not all get to see.

Rock My World #deepwatersolo 📍Halong Bay

If you’re the adventurous type, try doing a free water solo climbing experience (you can also just plain old rock climb too) while on mountain faces that drop straight into warm gulf water!

Each of these 5 places have something uniquely special about them that you won’t find anywhere else and it’s up to you to find them this coming year!

So what do ya say…did I succeed in planting the travel bug in ya?

See a place you like? Want more advice? I’m your address for any travel help you need so hit me up on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll set your plans in action!

Rio Cheyenne Blue

Professional Traveler and Adventure Seeker


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