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Tapping into your source: four benefits of unleashing the power of positive thinking (GUEST POST)

July 23, 2017


Guest Post by Preetha Vijayan, Certified Results Coach

Have you ever felt that life is just passing you by without any gravitas? Have you ever felt that things are impossible? Do you sometimes feel drained of energy? That can all change…the power and ability to do so is all within YOU!

I have come to realise the magical benefits of positive thinking and it has been a very active effort on my part to shift my mindset to “higher level thinking” and consciousness. The results have been amazing!

1)You are ONE with life – have you ever had a day when everything seems to “flow?” Things happen exactly as you want it to – there is less traffic, less queues, you get your morning coffee on time, your meetings are productive – things just seem to go your way. Is this a coincidence? I choose to attribute this to your mindset and the positive energy that you emanate – which means you have become attuned with the universe. Having busy lifestyles, we tend to forget that we ourselves are the greatest miracle of life, and that we are all part of this beautiful universe. Keep reminding yourself that you can achieve anything you set your mind to – you just need to have an open mind and heart. Your life will always go the direction you want it to go… it all starts with you! Be willing to receive and the universe will give it to you… try it, you will be surprised. Life’s gifts and miracles are waiting to be presented to you!

2)Conserve your energy for the things that truly matter – being positive gives you a natural “high” and inspires you to be happy, grateful and optimistic and live a meaningful life. It gives you a very pleasant aura which enables you to invest your energy in useful events – things that really matters to you. This becomes a very invigorating practice – and you feed off your energy to build more positivity and harness this to do more amazing and inspiring things. It goes on and on!

3)You attract like minded people – do you find that you gravitate towards people who are more like you? These people have similar interests to you, and their values and ways of thinking also correspond to your mental wavelength. I call them the “positive posse.” If I examine my own circle of friends and my family, it is remarkable how alike we all are – I am surrounded by confident, strong, inspiring, grateful, energising, positive people and they continue to have a strong influence on my life. They encourage me to become a better person, keep me grounded and are always there for me during challenging times. The golden saying is true – “like attracts like!”

4)You are content with yourself – you will find that you are absolutely content with yourself. Your authentic self. You find that there is no need for any external validation and you do not depend on sources (outside yourself) to make you happy – be it friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend, material things. You have learnt to radiate “inside out” confidence and happiness – it all comes from within you. So think about the liberation that can come from this way of thinking and being – anywhere, anytime, anyplace – YOU have the ability to control your emotions and mindset. This is the most healthy, pure and optimal way to function.

So next time you find yourself feeling down or stuck in a rut, remember that you can change this in just a second. That is the power and beauty of positive thinking. All you need is the WILLINGNESS to do so. It is an ACTIVE CHOICE. As Henry Ford says, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right!”

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